"Brea's Adventures" tells the story of a little girl on a quest to save a trapped squirrel. This six-panel short story visually represents the brand philosophy of 13rushes - to create cruelty-free synthetic make-up brushes, at the same time, spread awareness of existing animal-testing practice in the beauty industry. Brea is a personification of the core values of 13rushes, to be brave and overcome all odds in order to fight for a cause they truly believe in, thus inspiring others to get onboard their good cause. 

"Brea's Adventures - In the Rainforest" is a remake of 13rushes' signature mint travel kit, first launched in 2013.

Product images credit: 13rushes

Brea's adventures

In The Rainforest

Packaging concept

for 13rushes

Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper, watercolour, digital