This project explores the use of metaphors to re-create the pleasant memories of our childhood. Adults often want to return to their childhood days when life was so carefree and stress-free. Most people reminisce about the time spent when they were still young, laughing back at those memories where they did something ‘stupid’ or said something without thinking it through. As we grow older, we realise the world is not as simple as it was made to be. Stress starts becoming an everyday hindrance. We need to deal with politics at work, human relations, responsibilities etc. Times like these we wish for a time machine to bring us back to the innocent simple past.

The idea was to create something that people can relate to – an artwork that allows the audience to relieve a certain aspect of their childhood. The artwork(s) will evoke a sense of warmth, happiness and simplicity, just like the ‘perfect’ childhood moments. Three themes that were deemed most important in contributing to a healthy happy childhood were chosen.


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Embroidery on canvas